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Christchurch Outdoor Paintball

Welcome to Kamikaze Steve’s Zombie Paintball – the best Wargame experience in Canterbury.

We have 10 Zombie BattleMaps… including Hamburger Hill, Snipers Gully, Black Forest, Plague Depot and the infamous Zombie Town …. We are the thinking player’s Paintball WarGames !!!

We have NZ’s best masks – Guaranteed to never fog. All masks are maintained with lenses in excellent condition. You will have perfect vision all game, every game.

We provide BT4 Paintguns – deadly Accurate, incredibly Reliable. All Paintguns are serviced, speed-tested and will not run out of gas. We provide you with Tournament level accuracy.

We provide Australian and U.K. pro-field level equipment, game and referee packages, at a fraction of the cost.

But wait, there’s more…

All equipment is upgraded every season. New BT Paintguns, brand new VForce ProMasks.

Our 2014 model Empire Pro Guns have arrived just in time for the coming winter season.

Kamikaze Paintball continues to give you the newest equipment in Christchurch.

Take a look around, see our battlepacks, photos, facebook and read our FAQ

You can also download your Event Photos here :

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There are currently no upcoming events.

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